Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Big Deal Oatmeal?
Big Deal Oatmeal LLC is a small business based in Asheville, NC specializing in bulk superfood breakfast mix. We value simplicity, quality, and believe that mind and body health is best achieved through healthy habits. Our flagship product is a deliciously seasoned oatmeal mixed with 5 nuts, 5 seeds and 5 dried fruits.  
Where are you selling Big Deal Oatmeal?
Our online store is live with nationwide shipping. In person, you can find us at the West Asheville Tailgate Market and Enka Candler Farmers Market. We will be at VegFest Asheville on October 6. In the coming months, you'll be finding us on the shelf at Asheville-area fine food retailers.
What are the ingredients and the nutritional information for Big Deal Oatmeal?
You can view ingredient and nutritional information here.
How do you source ingredients?
We source all our oats - always organic & gluten free - and most of our organic ingredients from Azure Standard. Other suppliers include Food to Live, CJ Dannemiller, Webstaurant, and Spicewalla. All ingredients are inspected for freshness and quality before being integrated into our products.
Is Big Deal Oatmeal organic?
All our oats are organic and certified gluten free. The all-organic product is available in the online store and at our weekly farmers markets. 
How long does Big Deal Oatmeal last in the pantry?
One of the many perks of Big Deal Oatmeal is the shelf life and ease of storage. The Big Deal Oatmeal Best Before Date indicates the earliest Best Before Date of the individual ingredients.
Who enjoys Big Deal Oatmeal?
IT professionals, backpackers and mountain climbers, students, teachers, moms and dads, retirees, musicians, artists, fitness enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, busy and active people of all persuasions, and those looking to enjoy a healthy, plant-based breakfast to start their days off right.
How is Big Deal Oatmeal stored?
Big Deal Oatmeal is best stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. For ease of mixing, bagged Big Deal Oatmeal dry mix can be transferred into an airtight container of your choice for storage or transport.
Can you eat it raw?
Yes, but you won't be able to digest the chia seeds fully and the goji berries might get stuck in your teeth. 
How is Big Deal Oatmeal prepared?

Ingredients will settle. Shake to mix

SERVING: 1/3 cup

RATIO: 1:1 (mix:liquid)

KETTLE: Combine equal parts BIG DEAL OATMEAL & boiling water in bowl. Cover and wait 5 minutes.

MICROWAVE: Combine equal parts BIG DEAL OATMEAL and water. Microwave on high covered for 1.5 minutes.

STOVETOP: Combine equal parts BIG DEAL OATMEAL and liquid - your choice of milk, water, or apple cider. Bring to boil, then remove from heat, cover and wait 5 minutes.

COLD: Combine equal parts BIG DEAL OATMEAL and water, milk or apple cider. Cover & chill 2 + hours or overnight.

OPTIONAL: Top with granola, fresh fruit & splash of milk.