About Big Deal Oatmeal

Our founder John has been enjoying the health benefits of oatmeal his entire life. As a kid, he ate it with his sisters before school, and later with his 2 sons before a big day out on the town or in nature. While working 8 years in the US Marines, 10 years (and counting) as a yoga teacher, and 3 years as a wilderness guide - most of his mornings are fueled by oatmeal. He knows that starting out with a fast, filling, and nutritious breakfast is a great way to seize the day, get things done, and move closer to goals.

It was while working 8-day shifts as a Wilderness Guide for young men in substance abuse recovery, that John first began making bulk mixes of his morning oats for his co-guides and clients.

Now packed with as many superfoods as possible to maximize flavor, texture and nutrition - John is happy to bring BIG DEAL OATMEAL to your breakfast table so you and your family can enjoy many bowls of delicious superfood oatmeal, seize YOUR days, and move toward YOUR goals.

BIG DEAL OATMEAL is made with heart - for your heart -  in Asheville, NC.

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